UK Food
Case Study

Outstanding Implementation

The Brief

A Retailer Own Brand business wanted to know whether there was an opportunity for a Branded Offer in their core category, what that Brand should be an how to develop and launch it.

What We Did

We reviewed available information to identify the best opportunities for a new brand, ran internal workshops and consumer research to develop and validate concepts, which formed the basis for marketing and technical development briefs and headline business case. Our client had no marketing department and our role was extended to lead the development and consumer research of pack design and marketing support. We presented the sales proposition to leading retailers, managed the development of multi touch point advertising, including TV advertising and in market tracking to optimise performance.

What Happened

The Brand was launched in 2012, with TV advertising on air in 2014. The brand continues to grow and has our client to start trading for the first time with 3 new retailers.

Many thanks for all your help, not only with the brand but also on the wider commercial agenda. You play a vital role in what we are endeavouring to achieve.